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We are a future-centric company that is an amalgamation of a skilled workforce, industry experts who have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to the revolution of the EV industry. Our platform integrates people, possibilities, technology and integrates that with our expertise into a systematic network designed to deliver optimized solutions around the world. Steered forward with the experience & vision of the management, we are redefining ourselves to match the future needs of a sustainable world through GO EC.

A commitment to a cleaner and greener environment, and a complete solution for the electric vehicle industry with a diverse focus on manufacturing, infrastructure, and technology.

GO EC is transforming the future of electric automobiles through a strategic and collective network of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across world.

What we do?

GO EC Charging is building the infrastructure required to enable EV Revolution in India. We are installing electric vehicle chargers in strategic locations all over the nation, enabling EV owners to go long distances without worrying about running out of energy. We are partnering with businesses that are frequented by EV owners such as restaurants, shopping malls, and other commercial locations to install chargers in their parking lots., As charging stations become more prevalent, car buyers will be more confident in purchasing EVs as charger worries are resolved.


GO EC Auto Tech PVT LTD is on a mission to build the foundation for the EV Revolution in India. We're strategically placing electric vehicle chargers nationwide, making it convenient for EV drivers to travel long distances without the fear of running out of battery power. Partnering with a variety of businesses we're installing chargers in their properties. As our network of charging stations expands, the EV market in India is surging, reducing concerns about charging accessibility and driving increased EV adoption..


Our vision is to operate a chain of EV Charging Stations across India and positioning GOEC as an authentic player in the EV industry by offering the best service to the end-user with guaranteed quality.


Our mission is to develop a highly successful and profitable electric vehicle charging station business with the state of an art facility and technology; a business that will meet the needs of our clients and supersede their expectations.



We believe in joining hands today for a sustainable future. Our strategies are aligned with the requirements of the future and designing them in an efficient manner is the outline for all our operations.


We value honesty and transparency in all of our collaborations since it assures collective strength to bring about qualitative changes and maintain a productive and smooth operational network.


We plan to harness the power of collaboration and profit sharing by associating with stakeholders who are committed to teamwork and share a common vision. A mutual understanding and cooperative culture is promoted.

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Mr. A P Jafar Parambil

Chairman & Founder

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Mr. P G Ramnath

CEO & Co-founder

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Ms. Zara Elizabeth


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