Invest in Company-owned company
operated (COCO)

Invest in strategically located company-owned company-operated EV
Super Charging Stations and earn high returns!

Who can opt to Invest in COCO

Who can opt to Invest in COCO?

This is a good investment option for anyone in the world who has no land for setting up a charging station. If you are looking for a highly profitable and long-term investment option, investing in our COCO pool can yield you high returns. Plus, the added benefit of being part of a futuristic business.

How it works



You can buy from a pool of charging stations that are owned by us and operated by us.



GO EC does the marketing to bring EV customers to your charging station



All the earning from the station belongs to you and you can resell your station in the future

Why should you invest in EV charging stations ?

Growing Demandshadow

Growing Demand

With more and more people switching to EVs, the demand for charging stations is on the rise.

Government Supportshadow

Government Support

The government is actively promoting the use of electric vehicles to reduce emissions and promote sustainability.

Low Operating Costsshadow

Low Operating Costs

The operating costs of an EV charging station are relatively low compared to traditional gas stations as the charging process is automated.

Long-Term Investmentshadow

Long-Term Investment

Unlike fixed deposits and SIPs, which only provide a fixed return, an EV charging station can provide a higher return as the demand for EVs increases.

GO EC Features

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End to End-charging solutions for all-electric vehicles

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Designed for different EV categories, Makes, and Models

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High efficient and least power loss machines

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Well-connected app & software support

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Smart online payment gateway and user-friendly interfaces

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Pre-planned slot booking & smart charging facilities

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24x7 Hardware and software monitoring

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GO EC manages everything from permitting and installation to maintenance

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Man-less operating machine concept

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Product & project warranty

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Turnkey project implementation

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24x7 Customer support

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Can I charge any vehicle on GO EC network?
Yes, GO EC offers EV charging for all vehicles from two-wheelers all the way up to big, heavy-duty ones!
Can I reserve a charging slot in advance, and how do I do so?
Will I be notified by phone when the charging session is over?
Does GOEC offer an automatic stop feature once charging is finished?